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Guided Antique Buying Trips In Hungary

Guided Antique buying trips

Go on one of our Guided Antique Buying Trips in the Hungarian countryside. We are able to offer a "Full Service" buying experience. We will meet you in Budapest and transport you to the Hungarian countryside where you will buy from local dealers, gypsies and private people. We will arrange pickup and transportation of your purchases to our centrally located warehouse, loading of your truck or container, logistics, Hungarian customs and permits and delivery to your location. We will spend 2-5 days (Depending on your needs and budget) on the road, staying in clean comfortable hotels, eating the local food and enjoying the Hungarian hospitality.

Hungarian Antiques to you

You can buy from our newest Instagram site: Hungarianantiques2u Just send us the numbers of the items you need prices on. We will send you prices, details and costs. We will also arrange delivery to your location.

Virtual buying trips

Go on a "Virtual Buying Trip" via Facetime, WhatsApp, etc. We will walk you around to as many locations as your time and budget allow and you can choose your items as we go. We will, of course, take care of all the details and the delivery.

Antique Buying Trips

The photos are items that we have bought on prior trips and are the type of things you can expect to see.

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